Erziehungs- und Bildungswissenschaften

Universität Bremen

Workshops in FB 12


The Research Workshop Educational Sciences sees itself as a place of methods training in the field of empirical social research and ongoing consultancy of research projects. Embedded in Faculty 12 of the University of Bremen, the workshop is open to all the Faculty’s undergraduate and graduate students.




The ISSU Workshop (interdisciplinary general education /general knowledge) gives pupils an opportunity to independently pursue their own research ideas on topics relating to the natural and social sciences. Instructors answer pupils’ questions with the aid of experiments or observations. By so doing, the ISSU Workshop creates a balance between instruction and construction with the aim of fostering learning as an active process of knowledge construction.

Furthermore, the ISSU Workshop provides students on the program “Interdisciplinary General Education/General Knowledge” with an ideal opportunity to gather practical teaching experience.


The Elementary School Workshop (GSW) exists since 1992/1993. It is a place of learning organized by students and true to the motto "from students for students". The workshop is embedded in the professorship for Early Childhood and Primary Education in Faculty 12, which is currently chaired by Prof. Dr. Robert Baar.
A special feature is that the workshop is run in self-administration by students via a cooperative and highly participatory team structure, in a culture of spontaneity and interest orientation. It lends out textbooks and in some cases also teaching materials.
Moreover, when not needed for workshop activities, the workshop room can be used by work groups and for seminars.
GSW offers learning opportunities in the form of studios, workshops and forums that create focused spaces for independent learning and individual discovery.

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