Erziehungs- und Bildungswissenschaften

Universität Bremen

Degree Programs

The research-based degree programs offered in Faculty 12 prepare students for teaching and other education-related positions in schools and elsewhere.

Programs for Teachers


The Faculty prepares aspiring teachers for all possible types of school, whether elementary or high school, pre-college or vocational, and offers, in some cases, a dual degree in early childhood education. All of these programs seek to “professionalize” educational science by presenting basic pedagogical concepts and skills from both theoretical as well as practical perspectives.
The Faculty works closely with the
Center for Teacher Education, which coordinates the curriculum, organization and implementation of training programs together with the respective subject- and didactics departments.


The Faculty is responsible for the following subjects within Teacher Education:


  • Educational Sciences (all types of schools | BA & MA)
  • Inclusive Education (Early Childhood and Primary School Education BA & MA)
  • Interdisciplinary Educational Science and Social Studies  (Early Childhood and Primary School Education) | BA & MA) 
  • Didactics of German Language & Literature  (Early Childhood and Primary School Education | BA & MA)
  • Didactics of Elementary Mathematics  (Early Childhood and Primary School Education | BA & MA)

Related nonschool programs


At the University of Bremen, the Bachelor subject Educational Sciences is taught  within the context of a BA program with a major-minor structure. Within this program, Educational Sciences can only be studied as a minor. This includes basic introduction into theories and questions within the educational field of research as well as advanced subject-specific trainings.


The Master of Arts in Educational Sciences prepares students to do research or engage in activities related to education planning, administration, or reform. The Bremen program offers the unique opportunity of a specialty in intercultural education or inclusive pedagogy, where the focus is on heterogeneity, diversity, and inequality. Students can also choose whether to concentrate their studies on education for children and adolescents, or adults.


Kathrin Schmidt

(student advice and councelling, Erasmus coordination)


building GW 2, room A 2524

phone: +49 421 218-69070

fax: +49 421 218-9869070



consultation time: tuesday, 11-12.30 p.m. and by arrangement





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