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Universität Bremen

Language and Literacy Education

Language and Literacy Education (in Early Childhood and Primary Schools)


Our offer is aimed at students of the following courses:

• B.A."Primary and Elementary Education Sciences"
• M.Ed. "Teaching in Primary Schools"
• M.Ed. "Teaching in Special Education Schools / Inclusion in Education"

At present, our offer reaches a total of 820 students (as of Dec. 2016).


Our focus is on the following areas:

  • Language Education in multilingual contexts
  • Teaching Literacy (Reading, Writing & Spelling)
  • Literacy as a social practice
  • Children's Literature in Education

Picture books are particularly characteristic of our work. We strive to make use of picture books in language education. Our picture book library provides the Bremen students with a comprehensive and qualitatively selected fundus.

The Bremen Institute for Picture Book Research (BIBF) also awards the HUCKEPACK-Award annually. The award is recognizes picture books
that are particularly suited to strengthen children emotionally and mentally during dialogic reading.

For further information please refer to the german language pages.

The work with picture books shapes our field of work in a special way. The Bremen Institute for Picture Book Research (BIBF) is located in our field of work.  With the help of our picture book library, we make a selected collection available to students.

The BIBF annually awards the HUCKEPACK Prize, which honours books that not only stand out for their successful narrative interplay of text and picture, but also have the potential to strengthen children.

The BIBF also organises public workshop discussions with renowned picture book artists. As part of the "Bremen Picture Book Dialogues" series, these offer an insight into their work process.

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Language & Literacy in Education

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Picture Book Library

During summer semester

Mon-Thu 12-13pm

During semester breaks, the library has limited opening hours!

Picture Book Award HUCKEPACK

The HUCKEPACK-Award 2017 was awarded to the book "Klein" (="little") by the Swedish author Stina Wirsén - a book that focuses on domestic violence in a very child-friendly way. For further information and impressions of the award ceremony (to which minister Dr. Bogedan was present) please refer to the Website of HUCKEPACK-Award (in german language).



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