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Quotation of the Conference "Educational professionalisation in the migration society


The substantial characteristics of intercultural education consist of the competence and responsibility for human beings who are threatened by exclusion as a consequence of migration, for the investigation of mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion and for the development of proposals for improvement. (Hans-Joachim Roth)




International Conference: Failing Identities, Schools and Migrations - Teaching in (Trans)National Constellations

Hosted by Prof. Dr. Yasemin Karakaşoğlu, Prof. Dr. Paul Mecheril, Lydia Heidrich, Aysun Doğmuş and Saphire Shure.



Saphira Shure, Lydia Heidrich, Prof. Dr. Yasemin Karakaşoğlu und Prof. Dr. Paul Mecheril
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The exhibition entitled "Courageous Women: Women's and Gender Studies in Turkey's Academia" will be displayed in spring in Istanbul and in summer in Bremen.


Yasemin Karakaşoğlu comments on the ongoing discussion on English-lessons in primary schools in Northrhine-Westfalia in the online-newspaper Migazin