Erziehungs- und Bildungswissenschaften

Research Workshop Educational Science

The Research Workshop Educational Science aims at training methods in empirical social research and consulting research projects. It is embedded in Faculty 12 of the University of Bremen and is open to all students and doctoral candidates in the Faculty.


“Research from the outset”, the objective of the university-wide project “ForstA”, serves also as the guiding principle of the research workshop: Within the framework of the individual modules, students have the opportunity to attend seminars with empirical orientation, to become familiar with individual research methods in application-oriented workshops, and to seek advice on the research process of their master’s thesis. In various school-related practical research projects, they get to know the research practice of qualitative research and develop a research design for their master's thesis in close cooperation with partner schools.


The doctoral students in Faculty 12 are given  the opportunity to seek ongoing advice on their research practice. There is also a special workshop program for this target group, which the research workshop offers in cooperation with BYRD, Bremen Early Career Researcher Development, at the University of Bremen. 


Since its founding in winter semester 2007, the Research Workshop Educational Science has been continuously developed conceptually and adapted to meet the requirements of the study programs offered in Faculty 12. In its methodology and methodological orientation, it focuses on qualitative research traditions. 


The research workshop takes place in building GW2, room B 1750. 










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