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Practice Research

Practice research in teacher education  


The Research Workshop Educational Science conducts student practice-research projects in the master's degree program (Gy / Os). Practice research, a version of research-based learning, is a research approach derived from Anglo-American action research, in which students formulate research questions along concrete development tasks of their future professional field, research such questions with the support of partners in the practice and report back to the practice. The research foci arise in the practice and reflect the situational needs of the participating schools, which are handled by student research. This research approach is found especially in the area of university teacher education and connected with the opportunity, in the context of changed study structures with extended practical phases, to address the call for a stronger research orientation.


Depending on the structural embedding in study structures, the conceptual implementation of practice research is very varied. Our practice research projects are integrated into accompanying two-semester courses for the master's thesis and conceptually designed in the same way as practice research has established itself at many locations of accompanying research organized by members of the Nordverbund [1]: Namely, as a joint research undertaking by students of teacher education and school partners oriented towards the cognitive interests or problems of the respective schools, sharing the goal that “school reality is perceived in all its complexity and inconsistency and that it is possible to deal with this without hasty postulates, rules or recipes” (Friday 2012: 12) [2].


In addition to the central goal of enabling students to gain professional knowledge of their future field of practice at school, practice research pursues two further goals: Students should acquire basic research skills in real research contexts in order to be able to question and explore their professional field of activity as reflective practitioners in the future. Furthermore, practice research is designed to prepare the results for the participating schools as local and situational knowledge, and to provide impulses for school development. In the research workshop, the feedback takes place in the context of so-called “marketplace meetings”, in which students together with practitioners validate the research results in a communicative manner and provide the schools with tailor-made recommendations for action.


The projects of the Forschungswerkstatt have the common topic "Cooperations in and with schools" and focus in their research on topics surrounding current issues faced by the partner schools, such as “Multiprofessional cooperation in all-day schools”, “Cooperation between school social work and teachers” or “Interprofessionality in conditions of inclusion.”


Here you will find some selected examples of student practice research.


[2] Freitag, C. (2012): Einleitung: Praxisforschung in der Lehrerbildung. In: Freitag, C. / Bargen, I. von (Hrsg.): Praxisforschung in der Lehrerbildung. Paderborner Beiträge zur Unterrichtsforschung und Lehrerbildung. Berlin: LitVerlag, 11-20.









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