Erziehungs- und Bildungswissenschaften

Universität Bremen

Student representatives

The students have several possibilities to voice their opinion and participate in shaping developments in Faculty 12: e.g.

  • on Faculty and degree program level,
  • in the departmental student committee, StugA,
  • in commissions and initiatives (e.g.  EULe), or
  • as elected representatives in the Independent General Student Committee (AStA) or the Student Council.


The various decision-making committees in the Faculty are open to suggestions and welcome student participation and feedback!


The following gives you an idea of areas in which students can voice their opinions on Faculty level: Übersicht


Link to Academic Commission and teaching faculty units



Link to the Faculty Council



Departmental Student Committee (StugA)


At most universities in Germany, the student representation body is called Fachschaftsrat [Departmental student council]. This is a body comprising a certain number of students representatives elected by fellow students studying the same subject, group of subjects, or subjects with a specific orientation.

At the University of Bremen, this form of representation is called StugA [abbreviation for German Studiengangs-Ausschuss]. This is the “official” designation. However, in some study programs, StugA members prefer to be collectively called Studiengangs-Aktive [the active students in a department], signifying that student participation ought not depend on being formally elected but rather that any and all students should actively engage in matters concerning their studies.


You can find more information about StugA functions and activities on the Stugenkonferenz homepage.


For information about the StugAs in Faculty 12, go to the homepage listed in the left-hand navigation bar.









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