Erziehungs- und Bildungswissenschaften



Education is a fundamental task of every society. Every generation has to address the issue of how best to educate members of the following generation and prepare young people to lead a “good life”, i.e. according, among others, to the guiding principles of self-determination and accountability. The core task of educators is therefore a dual one of passing on cultural knowledge as well as fostering a mature identity formation. Pedagogy and Educational Sciences reflect this generational relationship in research and education, thus contributing towards a critical (self)enlightenment of society as well as to shaping generational problem issues.


Departments and academic field


The Faculty of Pedagogy and Educational Sciences amalgamates several sub-disciplines (the academic fields) which are divided into four departments. The different academic fields are as a rule led by professors and organized in four departments:

Department A. General Educational Science

Department B. School Education & Didactics

Department C. Inclusive Education

Department D. Subject Didactics in Educational Science (elementary and high schools)




Research activities in Faculty 12 are embedded above all in the academic fields. There are currently four main research concentrations:

  • Heterogeneity and Equity in Education / Educational Participation
  • Early Childhood Education / Transition from kindergarten to primary schooling
  • School and Classroom / Teaching and Learning
  • Vocational Education


Teaching and Learning


In the area of teaching, the Faculty is responsible for the educational degree programs which are delivered and organized by its various teaching faculties:


Teaching faculty group 1. Educational Science in Teacher Education

Teaching faculty group 2. Pedagogy and Educational Sciences (B.A./M.A.)

Teaching faculty group 3. Inclusive Education

Teaching faculty group 4. Elementary Education

Teaching faculty group 5. Subject Didactics in Elementary and High School Education (Teacher Education)










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