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Information for visiting exchange students under the Erasmus program

Erasmus of Rotterdam




In order to secure a study place as an exchange student at the University of Bremen you must first apply through your home university (usually through the International Office). The application procedure is then handled by your home university.

Your home university informs the International Office (IO) at the University of Bremen of your nomination. Following this you will receive an email from the IO containing important information about the online application procedure at the University of Bremen (via Mobility Online databank).


It is important that IO receives your valid email address once you have been nominated ― and don’t forget to regularly check your mails because all important information is communicated in this way.


In­for­ma­tion on ap­pli­ca­tion for ex­change stu­dents:
Phone: +49 421 218-60375, e-Mail: in­com­ing@uni-bremen.​de 


Language Skills


The Faculty of Pedagogical and Educational Sciences does currently offer just one course taught in English. All students intending to study in our Faculty must therefore possess sufficient German language skills. It is extremely important that your German is good enough to take up studies at the beginning of the semester you enroll in. Whether the language of delivery is German or English, we strongly recommend that your level of proficiency is at least B2 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

In the event that your language level is insufficient at the time of your application, you might choose to visit one of the several intensive German language courses offered by the University during the summer break. The Center for Foreign Languages (FZHB) also offers a wide range of courses.



Choice of Courses


You can find all courses on the web pages under “degree programs”. Please make sure that you have selected the right term, i.e. winter semester or summer semester in Germany!

The courses are arranged according to the different departments. In German, our Faculty is called Fachbereich 12: Erziehungs- und Bildungswissenschaften. As an Erasmus student you are allowed to attend all of the courses offered by our Faculty.


What’s more, it is often possible to study courses which are offered by other Faculties. In that case, you would have to ask the respective lecturers and make individual arrangements. Normally this is quite straightforward and presents no problems.

The courses listed under the link “Global Education” are open for all Erasmus students of the University of Bremen. You can obtain up to 15 credit points (CPs) on this program.


The credit points awarded in the courses depend on taking an examination. You can earn 2 to 6 CPs for each course. The examination format can vary (e.g. writing a paper, making a presentation, taking part in a test). And you can earn up to 6 CPs by attending an intensive language course.




Kathrin Schmidt

(student advice and councelling, Erasmus coordination)


building GW 2, room A 2524

phone: +49 421 218-69070

fax: +49 421 218-9869070



consultation time: tuesday & thursday, 11-12.30 p.m.




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