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General Didactics and Empirical Classroom-based Research

General Didactics and Empirical Classroom-Based Research

General Didactics focuses on the object of learning and teaching. It is its task to model relevant characteristics of instruction, teaching and learning. 

Insofar it has to create relationsships to school experience and reflect the normative statements of the parties involved.

As far as Empirical Classroom-Based Research does not deal with the key issues of educational policies and educational objectives it needs the complement of the General Didactics. Whereas General Didactics itself focuses on theory and praxis but is often short of empirical evidence. That is why the meaningful supplement of Empirical Classroom-Based Research is required.

The objects of Empirical Classroom-Based Research are the effectiveness of teaching methods concerning the process of learning and the learning success. The experimental, quantative and qualitive research in this field focuses on cognitive as well as on affective and motivational processes on learning.

Accordingly the meaningful combination of both subjects and therefore the integration of didactic models and empirical classroom-based research may lead to positive synergy effects in the sense of reflexive educational research.


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