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Quality management



The aim of quality management in the area of teaching and learning in Faculty 12 is the implementation and systemization of measures designed to assure and enhance the quality of teaching and conditions of study in the degree programs and the subjects taught in Faculty 12. This also encompasses quality development and assurance on Faculty level.


With this in mind, the Faculty developed its own concept of quality management in the area of teaching and learning, which was first adopted by the Faculty Council on 17.4.2013. System accreditation led to refinement and the concept was subsequently adopted by the Faculty Council on 29.06.2016.

The concept includes comprehensive recommendations on teaching evaluation.


Quality Management (QM) Concept in Faculty 12 (FB 12):






All members of the Faculty act in their respective roles in the interest of quality assurance. The Office of the Dean and the Vice Dean Academics are ultimately responsible for quality management in Faculty 12, with participation of the Study Center and the newly established committee "QM Commission FB 12".

QM Commission

On the administrative (committee) level, responsibility for quality management lies with the Academic Commission.

The QM Commission in FB 12 was initiated by the Academic Commission (resolution 04.11.2015). It has the task to meet and discuss solely QM-relevant topics. The Commission is approved by the Office of the Dean. As in the Academic Commission, the QM Commission comprises representatives of all the teaching faculty groups, professors, mid-level faculty and administrative faculty as well as student representatives.

The QM Commission gathers suggestions, recommendations and advice coming from the teaching faculty groups, mid-level faculty and student representatives as well as the Study Center concerning the design of quality loops in FB 12 and develops accordant measures. The QM Commission formulates proposals which it then submits to the Academic Commission and the Faculty Council.




The QM Commission usually meets once a month immediately following meetings of the Academic Commission. More details under menu item “committee meetings”.









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